Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saying hello or "Hola" in this case :)

So, today I had one of those just beautiful God moments and it all started because I simply made a point to say hello to a stranger pushing a stroller. I was all ready to go on a short run and I saw Justina (isn't that a beautiful name?) walking by and something (obviously the Holy Spirit) told me to just say Hi and I just commented on beautiful the weather was. To my surprise, she stopped walking and turned to me and just agreed with me and then just started talking. She was saying how she says Hello to everyone she passes and people say "hi", then she asks "How are you?" and then just keep moving... I was telling her how I think it is so sad that no one talks to strangers anymore, really. She was just blown away that I began a conversation with her. :) (I was surprised with myself lol)

Throughout our conversation I learned that Justina is from Peru and she is here with her daughter because her daughter just had a baby. In her broken English, she recounted to me all about her life. She told me, after we had been walking for over an hour, that I must have amazing and beautiful parents (and I do!) because, as Jesus says, you only can get good fruit from a good tree, and she could see the fruit. She loved the fact that I was a teacher because she is a retired teacher, she was saying how most teachers just happen to be friendly people :) Oh my goodness, I literally could not stop smiling, it was just one of those moments. We walked to Joann's and literally just slowly walked through because Justina wanted to see what was there. When I told her that I spoke some Spanish she began to slowly say some Spanish sentences and see if I could translate and I did better than I thought I would. I was also helping her with English words.

Oh my goodness, I could just on and on about this God-incident :) Oh yeah, and another thing that came out of this. Through my understanding of what she was saying, she wants her daughter to hire me to teach the baby some music! (the baby is 7 months, so I would have to do a lot of research with what you do with a baby that young!) Her daughter loved the idea when she told her on the phone. I gave her my phone number and she said that she would call me later. :) I am still just so happy and full of joy.

It is amazing what a simple "Hello" can do!

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