Saturday, September 22, 2012

Matthew Kelly rocks my socks!!!

I know, random title... :)

But seriously, the Holy Spirit inspired me to randomly pick up and start reading Rediscover Catholicism! If you have not read this treasure trove of encouragement and inspiration, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend it! It really challenges you and makes you think!

Here are is a little part of it that really really made me reflect on my life... In the previous chapter, he had presented the lives of a few amazing saints, namely St. Thomas More, JP2, Mother Teresa, and a few more and then the next chapter he reflects on how they became holy, how they became set apart and here are self-searching questions that he posed..."What are the things you do every day, week, month? Are your habits helping you to become a-better-version-of-yourself or are they self-diminishing?... What new habits are you trying to form?...How would you like your life to be different this year than it was last year?, etc... I LOVE being challenged and these questions definitely made me think. I have definitely been lazy living by myself and not truly striving for holiness in every moment, allowing beautiful moments of reflection and opportunities to better myself to slowly and constantly pass me, without me realizing this. It is so so easy to allow these moment to pass us, we have to constantly be working for holiness, constantly going uphill, when we stop, we start to fall again.

As I reflected this morning, I have realized that God has me by myself in the "real world" for a reason. I have to learn to fully depend on Him and Him alone. Also, I am blessed with so much time for prayer and reflection and also time to give to other people in the ways in which they need. I am where I am right now, in this moment for a reason! Thank the good Lord for faith and for providing me this clarity!

I tell you these reflections to give you all a chance to reflect on your own life, to truly look at what you are doing and reflect on the ways in which you can improve in your life and strive to grow closer to God which is the only thing that will give you true happiness in this life. All of you mean so much to me, so my prayer is that you take this to heart because you will be blessed with so much happiness! Also, I highly recommend Matthew Kelly's books. "Rhythm of Life" is a GREAT one, all about using our talents and gifts in a way that will bring us ultimate happiness.

On a side note, a way in which God has been laughing at me this morning, is in the number of times that this book has basically shouted out at me, EXERCISE! Something I have definitely neglected...  I think after the 10th time he mentioned, I finally I got the hint! So, I am going on a run today! Yay! Anyone who feels a call to be my exercise motivator (or wants to be an exercise accountability partner...) , please please push me out the door to exercise, I am having a very difficult time lighting this particular fire lol :) I am praying for you all! God bless! <3

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