Monday, September 24, 2012

New life goal :)

I am going to become a runner!

I have always had this desire, but then I have given up way way too quickly. Every time that I see people running, hear about marathons, my dad goes on a run, I help at a run, etc.. I have had the desire to be a runner. I guess I just had to be on my own, realizing that I was being lazy, to finally push myself out the door!

Please pray that I can keep this motivation up, because this will be so good for me! Man, it is going to require some discipline, but I am really motivated right now. All my running friends, please give me all the advice and encouragement that you can, I will need it!

New life goal: Run a 10K in the next year. (I have to set a reasonable goal, I think this is...
       My more far-reaching goal is to run the "Running with Cows Half Marathon" that my school puts    on in May (so I have a lot of time before then. :)

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