Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A little view into my Music in Movies unit

Okay this made me really sad... 

A few of my junior high students have NEVER seen Beauty and the Beast!!! :( We listened to movie scores and analyzed what composer was thinking. I had them guess what movie the various songs came from. 

Though... another music nerd moment... I realized that Alan Menken inserted a short motif from Be Our Guest into his score for the "West Wing/ Wolf Chase" scene to create irony, since obviously Belle was not feeling very welcome when she is kicked out of the castle... :) I played it again for my students to hear it. I just LOVE the complexity that music brings to movies, we take so much of it for granted.

Okay now I am starting to sound like my sister Jenny ;) ( love you sis!) But it is really true! 

Here it is, see if you can hear it :) 


  1. Awesome :) Beauty and the Beast has a great score! It's of course not a surprise given that it's Alan Menken. Are you talking about at the beginning? Scores really are a wonderful thing :) what other songs did you show them?

  2. Yes I am talking about the beginning (well probably the first minute has the motif)

    I showed them "Time" from Inception, Concerning Hobbits, Buckbeak's Flight, and the Dance scene from Tangled (one of the comments was, "Is this Egyptian music?" :)

    1. Good choices! And you did end up showing Harry Potter! Did you talk about the sound of flying at all? I think we should probably discuss this over the phone or skype. Haha. :)

  3. Kinda... the kids were a bit distracted, though the ones who like music, really enjoyed this activity, the rest of them talked, a lot.... The ones who liked it became super excited with Harry Potter music and one of my students knew that the LOTR song was called Concerning Hobbits!