Friday, December 14, 2012

Humility's role in the success of the Christmas Program!!

I know I have spoke about this a few times, but I am now blessed to see the fruits of working on being humble and simply asking for help. Today we did our first walk-thru of my program and with the help of my wonderful principal and my fellow teachers, I am finally seeing it come together. For some reason I decided to create a program with MANY moving parts but all the teachers are just willing to help me with whatever I need, including more time to practice and staying during rehearsals to control the groups :) I have been asking for A LOT more input and I am so much more relaxed and at peace, instead of just trying to do everything alone. God is good because He is here for me and is helping me tremendously through all of my supportive staff and colleagues!!

On a more silly note: I had a BLAST with the microphone today! It was so fun to have it in my hand as I directed everyone around. Another thing that I have come to realize is that I actually enjoy directing people (who knew!) Once I had an idea of where I wanted people and when, I have truly enjoyed working through my Nativity play, teaching students to cheat out so we can see their expressions and working on how we walk on and off the risers, etc... :)

So, as you can see I am starting to see everything come together, probably because I have finally realized that I CANNOT do this alone!! Nope, not possible... and yet I was trying to... silly me :)

Here is the completed program in case you were interested :) (they will be printed on red and green paper to be festive!!! :) (I had a lot of fun creating this!! :)

Thank you for all the prayers and support!! <3

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