Saturday, November 24, 2012

A thankful post :)

Long time, no write... sorry guys!

In light of our holiday I am going to write post on all the things I am grateful for:

I am incredibly and overwhelmingly grateful for my Catholic faith and all the love God has given me. I am more and more appreciative of my family the longer I am away from them. God has just blessed me with amazing best friends in my sisters and my parents, I just love them! I am so grateful for all the technology that allows me to communicate with friends and family, including this blog. I have learned to be more and more appreciative of silence but also the joy of organized chaos, since I miss it. I am thankful for the beauty of music, God's gift of my musical talent, the opportunity to share music with children, the amazing opportunity to share my faith with my students, etc...

I am just so blessed, I don't deserve this but God is just too good, more loving and generous than I will ever know!


  1. And YOU are a blessing to everyone who knows you!

  2. And I am grateful to have known you and your fabulous family for many years now! Can't wait to see you ....

  3. Thank you both for your incredible kind words! :) I love you! :)