Saturday, October 13, 2012

Humbling moments are blessings (in disguise of course!)

So today I had one of the ultimate "yes-I-am-a-first-year-teacher" moments...

I invited my students to participate in this experience at St. Thomas Aquinas highschool, where they had the opportunity to play with the high schoolers in the stand during the football game with about 100 or so other Catholic school band students, grades 5-8.

So, I found out about this through an email from the high school band director. He sent an info sheet to send to parents and asked us to RSVP for our students, just for food. So, after I told me students about it, gave the paper to them, I assumed (wrongly) that I was done with my preparation. Never once did it cross my mind that it would be RIDICULOUS to ask elementary school kids to sightread! music. Yup, I assumed that the music would be given to them, so I didn't worry about it. I found out later that the music was attached to an email to directors...

So, I have 8 of my students there, one beginner flute, 3 trumpets, one beginner trombone, 2 clarinets and one sax. I forgot to mention to my students that they would be split up into instruments, so the 5th grade trombone and flute player would be on their own.

So, the entire band of over 150 5th-8th grade band members are playing in the gym and I am walking around to make sure my kiddos were good. I glance to the door and I see a high school walking out with my flute player who was crying! She was overwhelmed at the fact that she couldn't play the music (because her teacher is a knucklehead...) , but she was more upset that she was by herself and didn't know anyone. The highschooler and I finally calmed her down but I just felt horrible!!! I went to the one band teacher I know and told her what happened and then I started to cry... I am pretty sure one of my students saw me... :( So I left the gym to calm myself down.

So after this fiasco, and Ms. Gray apologized about 20 million times to her wonderful students, it was time for the tailgate. The tailgate was quite fun because I spent some quality time with my students :) Ellie, the flute player was so sweet. I told her that she could tell her mom I was a "stupid teacher" (I really felt HORRIBLE!!- It is the worst feeling to be the cause of someone's discomfort and the reason that she was upset...) So I heard her telling the others students that I told her that... but then she was like "I would never say that because Ms. Gray is a great teacher." :) :) :)

I learned what I need to be prepared for, but most of all I learned how much my students look up to me and I saw what great kids they are. I am truly blessed to teach them!

At the tailgate :) 


  1. One day these kids will come back to you and tell you how much you inspired them....and you will all laugh about this "fiasco"!! Bless you Meghan! Can I come and be in your class??

  2. You are the SWEETEST! :)

    Sure! I would LOVE to have you in my class :) :)