Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Another first, a BIG one!

I taught my first piano lessons today to my fellow staff member's 2 kids. I LOVE teaching piano! I did not know how much I was going to love it, so I took my time getting it started... (I know my parents are thinking..." we told you so..."-- Yes, you were right again!)

As I reflected on it, the piano was truly my first love when it came to music. The sound of the Gray household, besides lots and lots of talking, has always been the piano! What a true gift to be able to share this huge blessing in my life with children, who just eat it up!

It will definitely be a learning experience at the same time. My student who is a kindergarten boy was literally crawling his hands all over the kids and piano, constantly saying random things, looking at me about 20% of the time, playing with just his pointer finger even when I was constantly showing him that "all fingers need a chance- they need to take turns". As my friend so clearly pointed out, he is in Kindergarten, he is 5. I was 7 when I started so I will be excited to see how far he can go before he is 7! His sister, who is in 2nd will go far this year, I just know it. As long as I can get her to practice :)

Ms. Gray's Piano Studio is officially OPEN!!

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